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Meet Nik Claire

Mindset Coach & Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist 

I first became aware of the power of the subconscious mind around 10 years ago, having left an abusive relationship earlier on in my life, I began to see patterns and behaviors that I had developed due to the trauma I'd been through. The more I became aware and learnt how the mind works the more I could link the start of these patterns back to my childhood.  This began the journey of healing, self discovery, reprogramming my own limiting beliefs and more recently self concept and self love, it all ended up bringing me directly into the world of hypnosis and the power of the mind.


I wanted to find a way to help others that was going to be fast, effective and with lasting results and for me hypnotherapy and Mindset Coaching are the perfect mix. Being able to tap straight into the subconscious mind and help others overcome their limiting beliefs, habits, patterns, emotions and physical pain feels like a life purpose for me not just a job.         


Professional Experience

I am a qualified hypnotherapist and have been lucky to have trained with some of the best, John Richardson (a hypnotherapist featured on housewives of Cheshire and well known for his work with celebs with hypno gastric bands), Ali Campbell (celebrity and royal family hypnotherapist) and Larry Elman (the son of Dave Elman, a famous hypnotist who created the Elman Induction).  

I have 25 years experience working and supporting teenagers, young adults and families around complex and challenging behaviors, using therapeutic techniques, mindfulness and mindset work.    


I am also qualified in Reiki healing 1&2, Crystal healing, aura and chakra clearing, breathwork and meditation training.

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