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Mindset Coaching & Rapid 

Transformational Hypnotherapy

A Spiritual Hypnotherapist

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Meet Nik Claire

Accredited Hypnotherapist

Hi Great to see you here!

My mission is to help as many people as possible Transform & become their Greatest Version! I love helping others to improving their mental, physical & spiritual health. Have you ever noticed though that we often know how we want to Transform? We often know what changes we would like to make, habits that we would like to break or new ones we would like to create? So why is it so hard to make changes? & why do we get stuck in our overthinking & limiting beliefs that just aren't helping us?

Well what if I told you its not your fault, it's not your lack of will power or you not wanting change enough? It's literally down to the programs that you have running in your subconscious mind.. the good news is we can change these!! Your life is actually being run 97% of the time on your subconscious belief system, past unconscious programming, your previous experiences & memories, media influences, your parents and friends etc... so unless you have great programming in every area of your life (& lets be honest none of us do) without making a conscious decision to change the program it's going to be working against you at a subconscious level, this is where hypnosis can really make fast, effective and life transforming changes so that we get our minds working for us and not against us!

I truly believe we were born to be happy, to have healthy relationships, healthy lifestyles, with great physical, mental and spiritual health, living in abundance and in a life that makes you feel amazing!        

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Transform Yourself Podcast


Transform Yourself Podcast

with Nik Claire 

& become your Best Version

Coming in 2024

"I was really excited and open to the possibility of being hypnotized.  You didn't disappoint! The experience itself was calming and strange at the same time. I have definitely felt more in control of my drinking, it's more a choice now that a need. Which is what I was hoping for! It was great to chat with someone with such a positive vibe and also that had been through similar experiences" 


Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy

“Right from the start of the process I was made to feel comfortable. I hadn't done anything like this before so I was open minded to the whole session. Nik answered the questions I had for her, with the upmost professionalism but most of all I am overwhelmed at how the session progressed and how I have changed from just receiving one session. I never expected to be able to achieve the outcome I wanted in such a short space of time”


Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy

"I went to Nik for help with eating more healthy foods and especially to help curb cravings for chocolate. The whole experience was very calming and relaxing and has helped me make better food choices. I would definitely recommend Nik to anyone needing help”


Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist

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